Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Everyone has a philosophy, a worldview on his/her life. It affects the way that we view the circumstances that surround us and every decision that we make as a result of that perspective.

If you’re a content creator, then you have a creative philosophy whether you know it or not. Why do you create your content? Why do you take your pictures, write your words, review your movies, make your films, record your music, etc.?
It goes way beyond just because “it makes you happy.” For example, I write because I love writing, I believe that it’s a gift God has given to me, and that I should exercise it for His glory. I also love blogging because it gives me the chance to meet people I wouldn’t ordinarily meet, to publish ideas that probably wouldn’t be published otherwise, and exercise my creative license without answering to anyone else.
As we get older and start taking our creative passions more seriously, we should also start to think of the motivations behind our content creation.
It’s not an immediate process. You probably won’t ever fully be able to analyze the whys of what you do. But as you immerse yourself into your chosen field, whether it be painting or photography or book-cover-designing, ask yourself questions. They don't have to be serious. You don't have to draw up a hundred-page manifesto listing the reasons why you do the things that you do. But if you decide to pursue a creative vocation, consider seriously your reasons for doing so.

I’ve already explained my motivations for writing and blogging. I’m halfway decent at it (nowhere near amazing, but not awful either) and I enjoy writing. I like to practice my skills. But why do you do the things that you do...besides the fact that you enjoy doing them?
Think about it. Let your mind drift. Examine your own actions. Identify your feelings. Why?

I’m not in charge of my life, and neither am I the center of the universe. I have no idea where my ideas come from, and no idea how I came up with these ideas. I can’t control any of it, and I certainly didn’t choose to be creative. But for some reason, God chose to give me these gifts. And I’ll use them for His glory. Because I can’t claim credit for being creative, I can’t claim credit for the things I create either.
I hate to be preachy, and if you don’t share the same beliefs that I do, I’ll respect that. But part of being a content creator means questioning yourself and your beliefs. Why are you the way you are, and for whom are you doing this?

The funny thing about creativity is that it’s almost completely subjective. People can say whatever they want about creativity itself, and nobody gets offended because, quite frankly, it’s not as important of a subject as, say, racial prejudice or war.
But people do have differing opinions about creativity itself, and if you’re at the point where you feel like it, you can list them out. I recently made a list of my beliefs about creativity, and I’ll list them here for you.

  1. Creativity cannot be measured or tested.
  2. Creativity cannot be cogently taught in a classroom.
  3. Creativity can be developed consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously...but unconscious development will only get you so far.
  4. In order to be truly creative in a creative field, you have to learn the rules of the particular field before breaking them.
  5. We have the ability to create whole new creative fields.
  6. There is no such thing as a truly original idea.
  7. True creatives love creating. Not necessarily all the time, but they love it at least some of the time.
  8. Everyone is creative to some degree.
  9. There is bad art, and there is good art. Determining whether it is good or bad is subjective. Don’t start a war over elitist arguments. They don’t matter that much.
  10. Creativity should be used to enlighten, expose, and advocate for what is noble, pure, and true in the world. It should NOT be used for negative means, and should not be respected when it is used for negative means.

Think about it!
Is there anything you need to tweak in your life? Refine? Revise? Be truthful and honest in your assessment of yourself. Remember that you’re going to change, and that your motivations might change as well.

P.S. THOUGHTS? IDEAS? LET’S HEAR THEM! ALSO--I’M DOING A Q&A VLOG! (Inspired by my friends Abbie + Olivia.) LEAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING DOWN IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW! I'll be posting the vlog on Thursday!

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