Saturday, March 19, 2016

Let’s talk! (I miss talking to everyone! School stinks, guys.)

If you study the works and lives of writers or artists or photographers, you might notice how their life experiences dictate the stuff they make. The Spanish artist Murillo, for example (I just did a project on him, haha), painted portraits of children who lived on the street because he saw so many street kids in his everyday life. L.M. Montgomery wrote about a Canadian Anne, because she herself was from Canada. Where we are, who we are influenced by, and what we absorb drifts into what we create, and it’s interesting to see evidence of it in our individual styles.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of superhero/action-adventure movies and books, probably because I’m not a particularly athletic or street-smart person myself. I’ve watched a lot of superhero movies, and I love the Sammy Keyes series by Wendelin van Draanen. The characters and personalities are so different from my own; they’re everything I wish I could be, and, as a result, I attempt to write action-adventure stories. Because I watch so many movies with action scenes, I can picture the flurry of movements when I try to write out a fight. I can see the realistically cold personalities of people that I wish I was like. Who I am not influences what I like, and what I like influences what I create.

Reflect on who you are as a person. Who were you two years ago? Five? Who do you think you’re going to be in two years? Ten years?
How have your life experiences influenced what you make with your hands or your brain? How have your family/friends/enemies inspired you to do what you do? How have your adventures dictated what you create?

Let's have genuine conversation. Real talk. What are your struggles? Triumphs? What are the lies you've told yourself? Truths? And how have these things influenced what you make?

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