Friday, March 25, 2016

Welcome to March's installment of "A Day in the Life of a Content Creator"! In February, we featured Abbie; today, I'm introducing you to Sophia from theteentrepreneur.com!

Holla! I’m so glad Rachel is letting me share a piece of my life with you. I love seeing what other people do with their lives. There’s really no such thing as a typical day in my life, so this is just one version of my life--some days I have more activities, some days I have less, etc. I also wanted to point out that I don’t have a typical high school schedule--I do stuff online at a university and some stuff at a local college. It’s awesome because I literally only have to go to school 3 days a week and can do the rest online.

6:30 am… Recently I’ve been so tired, so I turn off my alarm and set another one for 6:45. I honestly don’t know why I don’t just hit snooze but my brain doesn’t work very well when I first wake up. Usually I just go lay in bed and think about whatever was on my brain left over from the night before. I’m one of those people whose brain starts back up from wherever I left off…. I’ll still have a song in my head that was in my head the last night. It’s weird.

6:45 am… I guilt-trip myself up by now. Usually I will start with French or math online homework (it requires the least amount of brain activity), but today neither classes had posted the homework for the day, so I edited a paper and responded to some emails and double checked to make sure I finished everything for my classes that day.

8:00 am… Get dressed, brush my teeth, etc, and pack up all my school stuff. Does anyone else have the weird fear of forgetting something?

8:15 am… Eat a bagel with cream cheese and avocado (seriously the best thing ever) and read a book while my brothers frantically pack to get to their classes on time. Every. Single. Week. Someone loses his Latin book. Someone forgets that he had a speech today. Someone is going crazy. I try to sit back and chill since I don’t have to leave as early.

8:45 am… Leaving for classes, taking pictures of my feet.

9:30 am… International relations class.

11:00 am… Physics class.

12:00 pm… Lunch break. I actually just ended up taking an ACT practice test and eating a bite or two because #aintnobodygottime for actual lunch am I right?

12:30 pm… French class. Seriously, how many different ways can there be to conjugate a verb?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

2:00 pm… I have to pick up my brothers at 3:30, so I usually end up working in the library on homework or blogging, like today. I’m also working on a camp curriculum, so I did a bit of editing on that. Today I felt really bad because my computer wasn’t working in the computer lab so I turned off the power source but didn’t realize that someone else’s computer was connected to it…Well that was embarrassing.

3:30 pm… Pick up my brothers and their friends. Take weird selfies of myself while waiting. Drive them home. Middle school boys are weird. Really weird. I’m so glad I’m not in middle school anymore.

4:00 pm… I teach piano, and today I had two students. My piano students are the cutest, even when they forget to do their theory.

5:30 pm… Now that I have my license, I’m basically the head chauffeur. I went to pick up my dad from work because we only have two cars and my brothers had to go to track practice and yeah.

6:00 pm… Workout!! I love my gym. It’s my favorite place in the whole universe. I don’t love working out. But whatever, it all works out.

7:45 pm… Dinner. Food. Good. Avocados and eggs. Have you figured out that I love avocados yet?
8:00 pm… Ug. I have a piano exam/contest in a couple of weeks, and since I’ve been traveling + at a conference for the past couple of weeks, so I have a lot to memorize. Any music memorization tips would be awesome!!!!

9:00 pm… French homework.
9:30 pm… Whoops, forgot I hadn’t written my blog post yet for tomorrow. I do this weird thing where I’ll write a blog post in my head but forget to actually write it.

10:30 pm… Getting ready for bed, reading,  watching Person of Interest (my newest obsession). I also make my to do list for the next day and make sure I finished everything for today and read a chapter from the Bible.

11:30 pm… I’m usually (hopefully) asleep by now!!

Adios, friends! You can check out my weird and wonderful website at theteentrepreneur.com


Thank you so much for contributing to this series for me, Sophia! It was really cool getting to see a little sliver of your everyday life :)


I have something super exciting coming up for the month of April that is a little reminiscent of this series, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime...who else do you want me to collaborate with? If you have a great idea, shoot me an e-mail at silvermesscontact@gmail.com!

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