Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of DIYs. I was just never really that into them, then or now--I would always use the materials differently from how I was instructed. It was never fun for me to have to follow other people's methods of doing things, and when my finished products never turned out the same as the model projects, I'd get frustrated.

What I do like about art projects is the creation aspect, the tangible and the tactile aspects of making something. I like to have a couple of random objects thrown at me and being told to make something out of them. So, one recent afternoon, I dug out some paints and old T-shirts and random objects I had lying around, went outside, and tried to make things. Some of them turned out pretty bad. Others turned out only okay. But it was fun to try to figure out how to make something, and to film the entire process.

I'll let the pictures and the video speak for themselves.

So try it. Dig out dusty posterboard from under your bed (doesn't matter if it's already been written on--paint over it or do something with the writing!), paints, anything that you've kept and want to make something of. It doesn't matter if what you make stinks, or if you're not an artist. Create.

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