Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello, everyone! Rachel here. Today, I'm introducing a new series called "A Day in the Life of a Content Creator." Basically, I'll be post/content-swapping with creatives from all over the Internet, and it'll be amazing because you'll get a peek into other people's routines!

I'll let my special guest introduce herself today! 

Hey y’all! My name is Abbiee and I blog over at…er…Abbiee. aHEM. Now that awkward introductions are over, I can thank Rachel for collaborating with me today! It’s a post swap which means that the fabulous Rachel is posting about a day in her life over at my blog today! Definitely check it out because, well, you already know why – SHE’S AWESOME.


Mondays are usually my most productive days. Why? I DON’T REALLY KNOW. Maybe it’s because I take weekends off (like a real person! woo) and I either a) feel RECHARGED! and REFRESHED! or b) feel like a slacker couch potato and I need to get BACK TO WORK. My brain is a very interesting landscape, folks. One minute I act like a peaceful, self-loving yogi and the next minute I act like the overseer of an 1850’s textile mill. (Yep.) So here’s how it usually goes:

8:00 AM – I wake up and immediately start the challenge of locating clothes (always leggings and a comfy/workout shirt) without waking my sister, whom I share a room with. (By the way, if you have siblings and have never shared a room with any of them, you are missing out on something fabulous.)

8:30 AM – By this point I have arrived safely in the kitchen with most of my brain awake (er, 70% maybe? let’s go with that) and have poured a good amount of water, tea, and apple cider vinegar down my throat. (NOT mixed together eww what kind of a dark mind do you have??)

9:00 AM – I scrape up enough motivation to grab my yoga mat and head down to the gym room in our basement for a workout. I’ve been really getting into working out in the morning, before anything else. No, it’s not the most comfortable thing to wake up to, but I like to have my workout done and out of the way so that I can focus all my energy on my work! Today I broke in my new trainers with a quick jog, a seriously sweaty workout, and a cool down stretch + meditation. It definitely helps to clear my mind and fish-slap that last 30% of my brain awake. (Also: my dog, Rocket, always comes to chill out with me when I do yoga. He lays down on my mat and I don’t have the heart to roll it up. It’s about at cute as you can imagine.)

 10:00 AM – I immediately raid the fridge and eat all the food. Kind of. This morning I whip up a big bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, almond butter, and a blueberry muffin on top. (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT – a blueberry muffin on top.) This heaven I shove into my pie hole as I talk with my sister. We both get distracted watching YouTube videos.

11:00 am – I have either moved onto writing a blog post or checking my email. The latter consists of deleting promotions and replying to emails that I don’t really feel like replying to. And sighing copiously at the lack of emails that I want to see. (THIS IS A PROBLEM, NO??) I then check social media stuff and post on Instagram, Twitter, and pretend to post on Facebook*. I probably end up chasing several cute bunnies** through the interwebs and eventually find myself on Pinterest, fancasting an entire book that I’m not even allowing myself to write.
*message my small group of friends.
**by this I mean aesthetically pleasing images that remind me of stories (bad, naughty, horrible stories that haunt me in my sleep and tell me that WE DON’T NEED TO SLEEP WE JUST NEED TO PARTTYYYYY!! AND WRITE ALL THE BOOKS!!!)

1:00 PM – I ask myself what my life is.

1:30 PM – I make lunch for my family (always giant salads which are always amazing because guess who always makes them??) and today I plot a photoshoot (because let’s face it I keep using the same photos over and over again and they’re so old that now you probably won’t even recognize me so doN’T UNFOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. IT’S OKI.)

2:00 PM – I listen to a sermon while I play with my sister’s makeup and pretend I know how to use it (I don’t.) She helps me fix my eye shadow and then I slap together some props and reflectors and then she grabs my camera and snaps probably 300 photos (WOOOO!) And then my dad hands me a decorative squirrel and I try to make a Justin Bieber face.

3:00 PM – I work on writing a blog post. This always happens in a Word document, where I cannot POSSIBLY be distracted by open tabs. (This system is SO FOOLPROOF, you know?? Haha I’m kidding…it’s not. At all.)

4:30 PM – My body is cold and craves some tea. I sulk around and look for my mother and give her puppy eyes and she understands everything. We make two cups of tea and sit in the living room by the fire and she reads a chapter of my story out loud to me and makes corrections if needed. (HAH IT’S AWAYS NEEDED.) We laugh so hard and have so much fun. It’s also a great opportunity for me to step back and look at my own writing objectively – even making fun of it here and there.)

5:30 – BACK TO WORK. I (hopefully) finish the blog post in record time (HUZZAH!) and have a good chunk of time before dinner to practice piano and make some music.

7:00 PM – We all eat dinner together and have intense (and long) discussions about books, music, psychology, spirituality, and what the future holds. (Told you it was intense.) Sometimes I forget what time it is – we all get so lost in conversation. (Mine is a family that has A LOT TO SAY.)

8:00 PM – I grab my iPad and steal away to the gym room again for a yummy 20-30 minute walk. This is my ritual every night after dinner – and I just don’t feel right if I don’t get a walk. (I’m like a dog, in this respect.) There’s a convenient little ledge on the face of my treadmill where I place my iPad (because it’s more fun to stare at than a wall.) I listen to music + storyboard on Pinterest or watch reruns of Downton Abbey.

8:30 PM – I take a shower and join my family to watch either home improvement shows (btw Fixer Upper is life to my bones) or a movie. (Last Saturday was Bridge of Spies and oh my word it’s so good you need to go watch it right now.)

11:00 PM – We all go to bed at roughly the same time. Sometimes I read The Chronicles of Narnia out loud to my sister (because she says that my voice helps her sleep? PEOPLE, IT DOES. Sometimes I know she’s totally out of it but I just keep reading because I want to know what happens next. #sorrynotsorry) and other times, we talk for literally hours. About books, movies, Downton Abbey, etc. We try to whisper so as to not wake our parents.

1:00 AM – Nothing makes sense anymore. My sister and I have the weirdest and most hilarious conversations that would be so awkward and outlandish and JUST STUPID if we weren’t half-conscious and drowning in laughter. Eventually we both drift off to sleep.

Hopefully I didn’t wilt y’all with total boredom. BUT THERE IT IS – a day in my life. I hope you enjoyed reading! I want to thank Rachel again for sharing her lovely space with me today. :) It was so much fun and I hope to collab with her again in the future! ALL THOSE IN FAVOR SAY AYE. Love you dudes.


Thank you so much for kicking off this series with me, Abbie! It was so much fun e-mailing back and forth and figuring things out and learning more about each other.

Both of us are on Instagram, by the way, so if you want to see our hilarious conversations + wacky tags (mucho gracias to Olivia Knight from Summer of 1999 for starting one), head over to both of our accounts + follow us!


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