Thursday, February 4, 2016

I’m a busy person. You probably are too. What with school/work, family, friends, and fun, along with all the emotional/physical baggage that comes with being a human, sometimes we don’t have time to express ourselves and be consciously creative the way we want to be.
The good thing, though, is that you always create more than you think you do. Humans are constantly creating, whether through our words or through our actions. So if you don’t have time to write that poetry that you’ve got bouncing around in your head or make the videos you’ve always wanted to make, here are some ways that you can be creative in your everyday life.

One//Your Appearance
Your clothes, your makeup (or lack thereof...like me 99% of the time, haha), your perfume, your hairstyle, your accessories--those are all little bits of creativity that you put on yourself. Whether you throw on a silver ring at the last moment or add a little bit of purple eyeshadow, I guarantee that you at least spend a minute or two working on what you look like and what defines you. In doing so, you are creating the image of yourself that you want to exude to other people. Fashionistas and generally aesthetic-goals people have to be creative in the way they present themselves, even if their style is the most basic and typical ever (and trust me, there are very few people whose styles are basic and typical). What makes you YOU? Show it.

(i'm a huge fan of black knee-high socks)

Two//Your Diet
My mom used to pack my lunch, but I started packing my own because I like deciding and making what I’m going to eat for the day. One time I got super healthy and California-y (the stereotypes are true to an extent) and made an egg-and-avocado burrito, but instead of using tortilla, I cooked egg whites into a thin sheet and wrapped it around avocado and bruschetta. It was incredible. It also didn’t fill me up quite enough (because my stomach...is always hungry), but it was fun to make and fun to think of the idea. If you have time, try playing around with the food in your fridge. Make a burrito with mashed potatoes and fried chicken in it! Microwave your pasta into makeshift lasagna! Be creative!

Three//Your Work/Schoolwork
Sometimes school requires me to write papers and fill out worksheets. When it comes to filling out the worksheets, however, a lot of times I find myself injecting my own personality into my answers.
For example, I’m not a huge fan of Emerson or Thoreau or any of the other romantic writers (I’m looking at you, Mary Shelley--what were you thinking when you wrote Frankenstein?), so one time while I was analyzing the rhetorical devices in Thoreau’s Education piece, I got so fed up that I just started sassing Thoreau himself. It was so much fun. It was also late at night and I was stressed out, but Thoreau? Dude. He and Emerson both need to get a life.
But maybe you’re not at school. Maybe you’re at work and you’re doing something insanely boring and you just want to spice it up a little. Belt out a parody to “Uptown Funk”! (My friend and I were thinking of doing a beaver version...like, “We’re living in a hot--hot dam!”) Dance around the room with the paper shredder (but make sure you don’t shred your face in the process...that would be tragic). If you can make your life more interesting but still be within the rules, do it.

Four//Your Music
I listen to music every single day--while I’m washing the dishes, while I’m eating a snack, etc., etc. Even though I may not have the time or ability to make my own music, I can still create playlists with other people’s creations, and it’s fun to match things with my emotions/mood.

Five//Your Organizational Methods
I’m not an efficient person by any means, but I do like organization occasionally, so sometimes I search for a whole new system. Recently, I invested in a giant desktop calendar, and I put together both an official Silver Mess binder and a devotions binder. And I love, love, love the way it all looks--not even just the organizational part, but there’s something super pretty about the way things get organized; for example, in my Silver Mess binder, I have another calendar in the front and then a section for my ideas and a section for my resources. There’s an attractive aesthetic about it that I just really like.

So if you’re ever stuck in a rut and need help, organizing and sorting things and developing new ways to make your life easier is one way you can let out your creative energy.

You create more than you think you do. Once you realize that creativity influences your life, more subconsciously than consciously, it's up to you to take advantage of the opportunities that you have to utilize it. There's always a measure of exploration and invention that can be applied to each of these areas, and, if you enjoy creating things, you'll love it when you do something that's out of the ordinary. It makes life interesting. It makes you different.

What are other ways you let our your creative juice in your ordinary, everyday routine? Is there anything weird you do on a day-to-day basis? What's something weird you've recently made for lunch, or a playlist that you made for when you're in the shower?

P.S. My friend Rachael took a bunch of pictures of me that you'll definitely be seeing in the posts to come. If you'd like, check out her Instagram account!

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