Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I’m a huge fan of Instagram. It’s the first social media I ever got, so I have a special attachment to it. Recently, though, I’ve been getting more and more involved with the artsier side of it, including dabbling in VSCOCam and creating an actual theme. This has led to me noticing other people’s accounts and themes...which is leading ME to sharing with YOU some of the Instagram accounts that I absolutely adore.

USER: Kate, a blogger at cloveranddot.com
AESTHETIC: Bright, colorful, simplistic, varied

USER: Hannah, an entrepreneur + fashion designer
AESTHETIC: Vibrant, rainbowy, lots of red and pink

USER: whoever’s in charge of PR at Canva (the graphic design website)
AESTHETIC: shares pictures of drawings/artwork + fonts

USER: unknown
AESTHETIC: funny memes that you’ll relate to if you’re a Christian teenager (or just a teenager who loves Christian bands/music)

USER: Ariel, a photographer + blogger
AESTHETIC: homey, adventurous, kinda boho, fun

USER: Brooke, a model, blogger + photographer
AESTHETIC: beachy, blue, kinda vintage, GOALS MAN

USER: Zali, a blogger + photographer
AESTHETIC: oceans, drawings, sunny, golden swans

USER: Rachelle, a photographer, filmmaker + blogger
AESTHETIC: nature-oriented, peaceful, wind-whipped, icy

USER: PR of Sidecar Doughnuts

USER: Miss Caly
AESTHETIC: white, minimalism, overlay, art

I hope you enjoyed looking through these feeds + figuring out which ones you'd maybe like to check out and follow! Comment below your Instagram username + your favorite Instagram accounts! Let's be friends! (My username is @silvermess.)

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