Saturday, January 30, 2016

I will be the first to admit--most of these favorites will probably be food. Because food. I just really like it a lot. 

We received this from our neighbor, so I don't know where we got it, but I think I almost ate the entire bag. It's kind of hard on your teeth, but it tasted like pieces of heaven and sugar. Like heaven fell from the sky or something.

This lotion smells insanely beautiful. I don't even know how to describe it. Sometimes when I just need a confidence booster I put it on and smell myself. It's that good.

THIS WAS SO GOOD. I was the only one in my family who liked it, but I just freak out because I like weird food and I'm starting to appreciate spicy food and this is just the perfect gateway food if you're trying to get more spice in yo life.

I'm trying out new mascaras, and someone recommended Falsies to me, so I tried it out and I've honestly been loving it. My eyelashes are short and stubby and don't curl well (curses of being Asian), but these lengthen them and when you look at me, if you look closely, you can actually SEE that I have eyelashes. If you ever have that problem, try Falsies. But get the waterproof kind.


January was a month of...weird stuff. 

For one thing, I started this blog! Which is now currently 19 strong on Bloglovin' (not gonna lie, one of them's me following my own blog)  and 14 on Google Friend Connect! You guys are cool!

Anyway, a lot of stuff happened. Since this blog isn't necessarily geared for my own life, these monthly Favorites/Recaps will be my own allowance to document my own life as it happens.

On January first, I attended the Rose Parade! Never again!

For those of you who don't know, the Rose Parade is this parade-thing that happens on New Year's Day and airs on television. Its gimmick is that all the parades are made of, or partially made of, flowers. It's a great opportunity for advertising as well--the company my dad works for has its own float in the parade.

What made the whole experience not-so-great was A) my dad was the only one in my family who wanted to go, B) we had to get up at 5 am to drive to Pasadena, California, which is where the parade is, C) IT WAS COLD (at least for this thin-blooded California girl here), and D) when we were coming out of the parking structure, we learned that the workers had only opened ONE exit, so we basically waited for like an hour to get out. Nobody was very pleased.

This is a photo of me waiting in the car. I vlogged the entire thing. I haven't edited or published it yet, because, to be honest, it was quite boring.

Afterwards, though, we went to a juicy dumpling place with our family friends (whom we had already seen twice that week). We waited for an hour and a half to be seated, but the food was really good.

Juicy dumplings are really good. I actually don't really like Asian food that much (I'd take Italian or American over most of it any day...except juicy dumplings and Korean barbecue. SO GOOD), but these were really good. There's meat in the center, along with this savory souplike thing, so when you bite into the skin, the juice leaks out and ahhhhhh...it's like a delectable blister. (Only way I can think of describing it. Sorry.)

On January 4th, I had a blog tour and giveaway to launch Silver Mess! My good blogger friends Olivia, Opal, Katie, and Grace were all super amazing and let me post on their blogs. You should check them out!

On January 5th, I failed my driver's test. But I got a good story out of it--I did everything right and then I almost crashed. But keep reading.

Towards the middle of the month, I discovered The Nectar Collective via Clover + Dot (I LOVE KATE'S BLOG), which made me reevaluate this blog and where I want to go with it (I know, I know. I'm only one month in. But still).

My uncle and aunt, whom I rarely get to see, also visited for a couple of days over the MLK Day weekend! My aunt is helping me trying to figure out my whole makeup situation, and she brought me a whole bunch of little samples for my hair and a mini-straightener :) We also went bowling (which I'm really bad at, despite my amazing scores in Wii bowling) and ate MORE juicy dumplings and Starbucks cake pops (which, by the way, are A-MAZE-ING).

Then it was down to crunch time with finals. I studied HARD. So so so so hard. I'm not even kidding when I say hard. Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night the week before finals I stayed up until 2 AM doing homework and studying...and I had zero period on all three days, too. My grades were all so borderline (TWO 89S. AND BOTH TEACHERS ROUND UP AT 89.5)--I wasn't going to take any chances.

That Tuesday, however, was interesting: I almost got arrested.

It started off like any ordinary day. I needed to study after school, so I asked my mom to drop me off at the library right after school (helps eliminate distractions for me). When I opened the front pocket of my backpack, I found an iPhone 6. Since I don't have an iPhone, I extremely confused--I thought it was maybe my brother's friend's phone, so I texted a picture of it to my brother and one of my other friends and asked them if it was the guy's phone. Then I turned on the iPhone itself and, after figuring out that it was locked, decided to wait for a response and study math for the time being.

Maybe half an hour later, I noticed my high school's deputy out of the corner of my eye, making his way to where I was sitting. He talked to a guy playing video games near me, and then saw me and asked me if I went to [insert the name of my high school]. I was slightly confused, but I said yeah. Because I do go to that high school. And I'm truthful.

Then he asked me if I had a phone.

I'm not going to give you the details of our entire exchange, because that would be maybe twenty minutes' worth of interrogational transcript, but basically he said that the phone in my possession had been STOLEN and planted in my backpack. I had to tell him my entire afternoon after-school routine, where I had left my bag unattended, which math class I was in, etc., etc. He told me that, if I had been the thief, I wouldn't have turned the phone on, because he can track it when it's turned on. Then he told me whose it was (some guy from my math class, and not my brother's friend at all). I asked him if I was going to get in trouble; he said "probably not." Then I thanked him (for what, I'm not quite sure. believing me? not arresting me?), and he left, taking the phone with him.

Needless to say, the entire exchange kind of broke my concentration after that.

Eventually I discovered that someone else in my math class had taken the phone (as a joke, I think), planted it in my backpack, and forgotten to take it out.

what a life i lead.

On Friday, January 29th (yesterday, actually), I PASSED my driver's test!! And Tori Kelly came out with a new song that is absolutely gorgeous!! (It's called "Something Beautiful" and it is a beautiful piece of art.) And I had a three-day weekend because finals finished!!


what a wonderful way to end january.

how were YOUR januarys?? how are you guys doing?

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