Monday, January 18, 2016

Creative Features are monthly posts dedicated to expressing my admiration for a content creator in a variety of ways. These pieces will range from interviews to sandwich comparisons to “A Day in the Life” posts to just plain old fangirling.

Today, I’m comparing Leon Bridges’ music to a dessert sandwich.

If Leon Bridges’ music was a dessert sandwich, “Coming Home” would be graham cracker bread.

I’m not quite sure if graham cracker bread exists (I know that there’s graham cracker crust), but if it doesn’t, someone should invent it. “Coming Home” is a little bit crunchy, with the graham cracker a fine texture but not too fine, a bit sweet, and consistent, constant. “The world leaves a bitter taste in my mouth...you’re the only one that I want.”

If Leon Bridges’ music was a dessert sandwich, his style would be a Double Stuf Oreo.

[images belong to leonbridges.com]

His style is vintage and meant for black-and-white photography, but it’s different as well. His look is more flavorful than the average musician’s flair, with more substance to it. While the standard pop culture fare is Taylor Swift on a record player, Bridges is the real definition of something more genuine than a modern record disguised under an old method.

If Leon Bridges’ music was a dessert sandwich, “Lisa Sawyer” would be caramel-fudge swirl sauce with praline bits sprinkled inside.

Think rich chocolate, cream, and brown sugar. The sound has a smooth, boat-like rocking feel that slides through your throat. “She had the complexion of...a sweet praline, hair as long as the sea.”

If Leon Bridges’ music was a dessert sandwich, his music videos would be rosy fondant.

Not rose-gold, not deep red. Just a rosy fondant that covers the graham cracker bread and wraps around the other half, with the flavor of light golden syrup. It tells a story, adds meaning and image to his music.

To finish off, here's a Spotify playlist of my favorites of his + others who are like them.

what do you think? are you a fan of this kind of music? of this kind of post? if you could describe your favorite songs/albums/artists as a food, how would you describe them?

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