FOUNDATIONS | An Attempt at a Photoshoot

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Upon completing this photoshoot thing that I took with a literal point-and-shoot camera (Canon Powershot), I determined that modeling is hard work. 

I wrote this entire post full of funny little tidbits and sham-wows intended to make you guys laugh, but when I went back to check up on all the posts, the entire text had disappeared.

ugh. technology.

but anyway, this is my first "official" photoshoot for the sake of it being a photoshoot! i'm calling it "foundations," because i didn't really straighten up my room to take pictures with it, i didn't put on makeup, and i'm wearing a sweatshirt, knee-high striped socks, and leggings in all the pictures.

foundations. this is who i am under the fa├žade that i sometimes post online.

my desk is messy. my brain is messy. my life is messy.

i use this sign as an excuse to be messy. "it's just my creativity working," i say.


yes, that is paper towel. it was written on paper towel not because i wanted to make an artistic stance, but because i had inspiration + i couldn't find a piece of paper quickly enough.

my mother (from whom i get my messiness) made me put all my stray accessories thingamabobs into that NOEL tin. a couple of days later, she marched in with more containers that are now cluttering up my space. 

my dad bought a disco light thing for my birthday party for $10. we ended up not using it, and i don't think he wanted it in his office, so he gave it to me (my room is like my family's junkyard). it only works when it's lying on its back--if you stand it up on its legs, the screw that holds the kaleidoscope top in place unscrews and falls off.

i kind of forced my younger sister to take pictures of me. i offered to pay her in candy, but i don't think she wanted it, which is strange. i think she just wanted to watch the football game with my brothers downstairs, which is also strange.


well, thank you anyway, kayla!

i recently dug out my old duvet cover, and it's SO SO SOFT. that look of bliss on my face is not manufactured. (okay, maybe it is. but it is seriously really soft.)

the leggings i'm wearing have gum on the tush area. i accidentally sat down on some white gum one time, so i tried to take it off by freezing it, but that didn't work, so i let it dry and tried blacking it out with sharpie, but that didn't work either. so i just wear the leggings inside the house around my family because i'm used to their judgment (hahaha/jk/no, really)

this picture is actually pretty bad when it's right-side-up, but the fact that it's upside-down distracts the viewer enough so that he/she doesn't really consider the fact that it is very heavily edited in black-and-white so as to make it look legitimately pensive. it probably doesn't even look legitimately pensive + my brothers will probably make fun of me for it.

but hey, i tried!

i could be doing anything in this picture. i could be very sad. or very down on myself. or i could be staring at my phone. you never really know. (p.s. i was pretending to look super thoughtful. kind of like "the thinker.")

what's a photoshoot without a not-candid candid?

hope this photoshoot was all right for my first one ever. hopefully i'll get better at doing it as i go on.

should i do more photoshoots? do you do photoshoots? if so, what do you do during them? what's the weirdest thing you've done during a photoshoot?

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