Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sometimes it's good to sit down and have a nice chat about a common interest we all share. So, if you've got a bit of time, pull up a chair, grab a hot (or cold) drink, + let's talk! 


Sooner or later, I find myself being accosted by people who want to know what my specialty is. What do you want to do with your life? they ask. What's your niche?

My answer, up until March of 2015, was always "writer." I wanted to be published before the end of high school. I had a stockpile of naïvete. I honestly didn't know anything about the publishing industry, and very little about writing a book itself. I just knew I wanted to write.

In March, I decided to take a break from my manuscript. After that decision, I sort of wandered. I'd lost my identity a bit. I still had a blog, but other than that, school, and tennis, I was honestly just a sort of searching for something to do. I considered music, dancing, filmmaking, TV commercial concept developing, painting/photography, and even acting. (I was fairly desperate. I can't act for my life.) I constantly asked my mom if I could try this, do that. I had some crazy vision that I would be the epitome of a cosmopolitan jack-of-all-trades.

Then I realize that, sooner or later, all creative people have to choose a path. The path can change, yes. But if we want our efforts to be concentrated and good, we must choose one or two things to focus on specifically.

Since I'm currently still on a break from fiction writing, my creative release is this blog. Although Silver Mess will highlight content creators of all kinds, I'm writing it, organizing it, and designing it. I'm constantly trying to make my blog a better place with better content. My hope is that one day in the future, I'll look back at this blog post right now and think, My writing stunk so badly. But it's better now.

There's always room for improvement.

And now, I want to be that person and ask you, "What's your niche?"

It's all right if you haven't found it yet. Plenty of people don't for a long time, and even then, they probably don't use it as a career path. Some probably never find theirs at all. But it's always a good thing to think about. 


What's your niche? What do you enjoy doing the most? Are you into photography, writing, knitting, dancing, singing, playing the drums, drawing, filmmaking, acting, etc.? What are some hobbies that you potentially consider as niches? What's your passion? What are your dreams?

Spill! I'll be commenting multiple times with each person, hopefully. Comment on each other's comments! Think of it as a forum, not as a comments section. A conversation involves more than two sentences, after all:) 

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