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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Whether you have a blog or a Twitter or an Instagram or something of that sort, this is for all who want to participate.

A Piece of My Heart will be a monthly linkup occurring on the last of every month. For January, it'll occur exactly a week from today (Sunday the 31st).

Basically, we'll be writing, shooting, or designing pieces to publish on our blogs/websites/social media corresponding to the theme for each month. It can be anything--photography, graphic design, video, poetry, flash fiction, etc. Try to be different. Don't take the easy way out. Step out of your comfort zone. You'll get better as we progress through the year.

Every month, I'll inform you all of the theme about a week before the linkup actually occurs, so you can take time to plan what you'll do. I'll publish my post on January 31st (U.S. Pacific Standard Time, so to my international readers, it may be a little later for you) with a widget attached to it for you to add a link as well. 

(this is so exciting for me, haha--first time i've ever done something like this)

This month's theme is "Where It All Began."


Where did it all begin for you?

Did it begin with that one book you read? That time you and your family stood in front of the camera, smiling your cheeks off and you loved the idea of being in the spotlight? Did it start at the bonfire, where you both discovered your love for roasting Cheetos over the open flame? Or did you catch someone's eyes over the fire in the darkness and it felt like someone plunged an enflamed Cheeto into your heart?

Did it begin when you realized you'd probably never be as good as your older sister? When you realized that your parents' expectations were based off of her, and not you yourself? When you realized that you never saw your extended family around much? When you realized that other kids had shiny cars and new toys for Christmas in kindergarten?

Did it begin when you took your first surfing lesson? Did you fail? Did you succeed?

Think of something you love to do. Or think of something you hate to do. Think of a character quality you have--or a character quality in a book you've read or written. Think of one of your idols or your favorite TV shows. Think of the people who have influenced you, and the memories you've taken from when you were younger.

Where did it all begin?

Sunday, January 31st. "Where It All Began." Be there.

(P.S. I'm taking finals this week, so I'll be a bit MIA, but feel free to peruse my relatively small archives if you need something to do!)

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